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We have exhibited our collections at a variety of international fairs, including Frieze Masters, TEFAF Maastricht and TEFAF New York, as well as holding several exhibitions a year in our gallery just off Bond Street in Mayfair, London.  These exhibitions, typically accompanied by scholarly catalogues, conferences and webinars, concentrate on medieval sculpture, panel paintings, ivories, enamels, metalwork and illuminated manuscripts. In addition, there have been many pioneering shows focused on less explored areas, such as medieval women, stained glass roundels, medieval  architecture, the arts of the Christian East, medieval textiles, and maiolica before 1500.

As well as the art of the Middle Ages, Sam Fogg has a department devoted to the art of the Islamic lands and Indian art.  We have organised exhibitions accompanied by catalogues and monographic surveys on Sub-Saharan Islam, Kufic Calligraphy, the Quran, later Islamic Calligraphy, Persian painting and Indian manuscripts.


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