Late Medieval Panel Paintings II Materials Methods Meanings

Published to accompany an exhibition at Richard L. Feigen & Co.
New York, 22 January - 22 February 2016

This catalogue presents a series of in-depth studies of late medieval panel paintings, as well as one tapestry, made between 1400 and 1530 in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, and the Southern Netherlands. Many of the objects examined are new to scholarly attention, offering steps forward in the discussion and analysis of medieval works of art, and significant insights into the artists and patrons of the period.

This collection of scholarly essays is the second volume in a series on the subject, and considers the physical history and technical craftsmanship of the assembled works, using dendrochronology, paint sample analysis, infrared reflectography, X-radiography and macro-photography to help document the materials and methods involved in their making, and the alterations and transformations they have undergone with time. This new information is combined with close readings of their imagery and its presentation, exploring issues that surround their meaning, creative processes, patronal intervention and artistic intention, leaning in many cases to new reconstructions, attributions, localizations and iconographic readings.

Susie Nash, 2016
352 pages, 300 x 245 mm
ISBN 978-1-907372-91
Late Medieval Panel Paintings II Materials Methods Meanings
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