Maiolica before Raphael

Published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Maiolica before Raphael' held at Sam Fogg from 8 May to 16 June 2017. 

This ground-breaking exhibition brings together an important group of late-medieval and early Renaissance ceramics made in Italy between around 1275 and 1500.

Later Renaissance istoriato, or narrative, maiolica, produced in the orbit of Raphael and other Italian artists, is widely known and has been extensively studied. But not for 100 years has the same level of attention been focused on the magnificent works that preceded it in the 14th and 15th centuries, which were at times prized by contemporary patrons more highly than precious metals.

Maiolica before Raphael focuses the spotlight of contemporary scholarship onto the development of Italian maiolica from c. 1275 up until 1500, centring on the key period of development in the Quattrocento - the age of Donatello, Mantegna and Botticelli.

Presenting forty-three rare objects from the foremost centres of production that have survived in private hands, this catalogue explores the spread and evolution of the medium, as well as the history of collecting and the changing taste for Italian pre-Renaissance pottery in the modern era. With a preface by Timothy Wilson.

Elisa Sani, Matthew Reeves, Justin Raccanello, 2017
248 pages, 315 x 245 mm
ISBN 978 1 911300 20
Maiolica before Raphael
£ 40.00

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