Late Medieval and Renaissance Textiles

14 June - 13 July 2018
Sam Fogg, London
15D Clifford Street

14 June - 13 July 2018

This exhibition showcases over thirty examples of late medieval and Renaissance textiles spanning a period of almost two hundred years. 

After goldsmiths' work, tapestries and embroideries were among the costliest works of art in the Middle Ages, due to the precious materials and the countless hours taken to produce them. Whether hung on the wall or worn, textiles provided a potent display of their owners’ wealth and status. Their vivid decoration also provided the perfect backdrop for courtly pageants, royal ceremonies, and liturgical festivals. Together, the textiles included in this exhibition encapsulate the incredible breadth of Europe’s flourishing textile industries during the period.

A fully illustrated catalogue published to accompany the exhibition will be available.

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