Collecting Medieval Art: Past, Present, and Future A Symposium

SVA Theatre 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
27 January 2018

A symposium on the history of collecting medieval art, to be held in celebration of the exhibition 'Of Earth and Heaven: Art from the Middle Ages'.

Every surviving art treasure of the Middle Ages has a unique material history spanning centuries. These precious objects have been traded, preserved, restored, lent and loved. Some passed through many hands, others remained untouched and forgotten for generations before returning to the spotlight. These histories of collections and collectors yield valuable insights into the medieval jewels that brighten the private and public art collections of today.

This symposium will consider practices of collecting medieval art in a unique setting, within galleries displaying many of the finest masterpieces of Medieval and Renaissance art still in private hands. Surrounded by monumental works like sections of Canterbury Cathedral's south transept window and miniature treasures like a thirteenth-century Limoges reliquary chasse, speakers will explore attitudes to collecting medieval art in the past, present and future.

Speakers include  Dr Sarah Guérin, Dr Paul Williamson, Dr Timothy B. Husband, Dr Nicholas A. Herman, Dr Martina Bagnoli, Dr. Jack Hinton, Prof Susie Nash, Sir Paul Ruddock.

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