The Foljambe Hours

unknown use, in Latin
second half 15th century
South East France
illuminated manuscript on vellum; 172 leaves, 12 large paintings
180 x 133 mm

Complete and splendidly preserved, this striking manuscript is a rare example of manuscript made for a woman with illumination from the French Alpine region. While the manuscript does not reveal the identity of its patron, the careful decoration and choice of costly materials suggests a wealthy member of the high aristocracy. It was certainly made for a woman since the prayers to the Virgin are written in the female form. Since the 18th century, the manuscript was in possession of the English nobleman Francis Ferrand Foljambe from Osberton Hall (1749 – 1814) who acquired it by marriage with Mary Arabelle Thornhagh in the 1760s. It remained in the possession of the family for almost 250 years.

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