Lluís Borrassà (doc. 1380-1424)

Panels from an altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin
c. 1420
tempera on softwood panels
A King from the Epiphany 71 x 25cm; Joachim Retires to the Sheepfold 56.5 x 26cm; Two Musician Angels 50.5 x 16cm

A group of Gothic panel paintings executed by the Catalan painter Lluís Borrassà (doc. 1380-1424) in the closing years of his career. They were carefully preserved and venerated for over 300 years, but in the eighteenth-century they were brutally cut out of the altarpiece for which they were painted and reused for the construction of panelled liturgical furnishings. They still bear the scars of this history on their reverses, which are covered in gilded Baroque ornament and fictive marbling. 

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