An illustration from a Ragamala series: Kakubha Ragini
A Maiden being presented to a Prince
A Princess with her maidservants on a terrace
An illustration from a Ragamala series: Bhairava raga
An illustration from a Ragamala series: Bhairavi Ragini
Waiting for her lover: The Vasakasajja nayika
An Album of 33 Indian Paintings from the Liechtenstein Princely Collections
Lady holding a wine cup
The Maharao of Kotah's Artillerymen
An illustration from a <em>Ragamala</em> series: Bhairavi Ragini
An illustrated manuscript with large diagrams of hands, tables, depictions of the Zodiacs and Hindu divinities
A scene at a Shiva temple
A partridge
The Expectant Groom
'She comes like lightening, ready to use her dagger'
A large Map of the World
Book of Sanskrit Animal Fables (Panchatantra)
<em>Kshetrasamasa</em>, a Jain Geographical-Cosmological Treatise
 Illustrated Jain Scientific Classic (Jivabhigamasutra)
A Sorcerer's Manual containing instructions for protective and exorcistic Shaiva rituals and mantras

Indian Miniatures & Manuscripts

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